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In contrast to betting in the classical version (according to the preliminary line), live bets are accepted not so long, and a clear set of methods and strategies, tested by time, has not yet had time to form.

Today, practically all Live strategies are nothing but the personal experience of those who tried them by trial and error. As in classical line play, apart from the strategy itself, how to apply it is very important.

We have tried to collect a number of the most popular and well-known strategies for live betting in sportsbooks, combined with our own observations and experience, but they should all be treated critically, because no one hundred percent strategy in the betting world does not exist in principle, and certainly not in the dynamic game in Live mode.

Live betting strategy on the favorite goal

When a bookmaker gives too low odds on the victory of the team he considers the clear favorite, betting on it in such matches by ordinarians makes no sense.

After 10-20 minutes of the first half the odds on a goal in the half will certainly increase, and often the numbers will increase by one and a half or two times. Only in this case, the player needs to analyze the opponents in detail before the start of the match.

It is necessary first of all to analyze the compositions of the teams, especially this applies to the favorite. The main players in the attack and midfield must be fit. In addition, the motivation should be at its maximum. It is necessary to review the tournament position of the club and understand whether the team needs three points or all tournament goals are already solved. The next aspect in the analysis should be the future match of the favorite. Usually the leaders of championships play in the middle of the week in European competitions, which means that the coach may allow the players to play at full strength and save strength.

Of course, in the analysis you need the opponent. If the team is not distinguished by a reliable defense, this is probably the most important factor. The absence of the main defenders in the squad gives confidence in the goal of the favorite during the first half. However, it is worth to be careful when an outsider is fighting for survival at the end of the season. These teams are completely unpredictable and can, with the help of willpower, put up a crazy fight, leaving no stone unturned against the favorite.

To summarize, let us list the main factors for betting on the favorite’s goal in the 1st half:

  • Statistics confirming that the favorite often scores in the first half;
  • Optimal composition of the favorite;
  • the presence of motivation;
  • The opponent, not notable for a reliable defense.

Live Goal Betting Strategy

Guided by the factors that are important in in-play betting on goal favorites, you can also try out your understanding of soccer and bet on the team that has the game advantage in the half, whether it is the favorite or not.

Often some clubs are considered favorites only on paper, that’s when bookmakers give very attractive odds on their opponents. In the middle of the half, successfully predicting the goal of the outsider, you can catch odds much higher than three.

True, this strategy is very risky. What should we pay attention to?

The main factor is the sense of play. If a gambler has a great experience in betting and has a good understanding of soccer, then after watching 10-15 minutes of the match, he will be able to conclude whether the odds put out by the bookie, with the real course of events. However, even if you do not have much experience, you can easily view the statistics in live mode. A large number of corners and shots on goal indicates that the team clearly spends a lot of time attacking. Then you can take a risk and bet on the “underdog”. Gamblers need to analyze the composition and motivation of such a team. At a distance this strategy is rarely used, but in a competent point application can significantly increase the bank.

It is worth noting that this strategy is very dangerous in the hands of inexperienced players. Betting should be a flat, that is, one bet not more than 10% of the total initial bank. Ideally, this strategy is used in TOP-5 championships and European Cups. It is necessary to spend about a month on studying the tendencies of the teams and choose 7-10 clubs, which score stably in one of the halves.

This strategy requires the player to have a good understanding of soccer, as it is necessary to pay attention to all the little things during the match. Even if a team spends a lot of time at the opponent’s goal, it does not mean that it will necessarily distinguish itself. Sometimes the favorites only create the appearance of pressure, but the advance towards the goal is minimal. Dozens of games may serve as an example, when the statistics show the overwhelming superiority of the favorite and the team lacks a well-coordinated game in the attack. In addition, even bad luck can get in the way. We can recall a French championship match when PSG had more than 30 shots on goal, but could not score because the goalkeeper performed miracles in the frame. Bet with your head!

Live Betting Strategy “On the First Player to Miss the Line”

One of the most popular live betting strategies can be called betting on the favorite that didn’t get off to a good start. The sport in this case is not critical – it can be a soccer game where Real Madrid missed a goal in the first half against Betis (which happens not too rarely) or a basketball game where the team with the higher ranking “slept through” the first quarter. A tennis match will also work, where the favorite meets the desperate resistance of a middle-ranked team that wants to show itself, and has not yet realized that it will have to do its best to beat it.

There are no guarantees, but in 70-80% of cases, the favorites win, even after an early fumble. That is human psychology (athletes, winners, strong men) – they start to play better the moment they make a slip.

The odds of the soccer team winning or not losing increases significantly (compared to what they were on the pre-match line). In the case of a basketball game, experience shows that even a handicap of 10-15 points, which the favorite may give to the opponent in the early stage of the game, can be quite easily won back.

In any case you should not blindly trust money to the strongest teams by default. You need to watch the games and see the reasons that led to the failure in the opening stretch. In general, it is highly desirable to bet on what you see with your own eyes – that is the beauty of betting online!

There are a number of teams with a certain line of conduct, often allowing failures in the first quarters, first halves, first periods – these observations will help you find fans to produce volitional victories and the process of hunting for their comebacks can be not only exciting, but also profitable if you approach it wisely.

Late goal hunting” live betting strategy

It’s no secret that according to the laws of statistics and soccer matches, the probability of scoring a goal increases with every minute played to a certain limit. The boundary is somewhere between the 65th and 70th minute, when it is recommended to bet on a late goal.

  • It can be the expectation of a goal in a draw, the expectation that the team will win back or it will miss a goal, opening in the desire to win back – situations when a late goal is very probable may be different, but catching this event should be a strategy that consists in expecting a certain time of the match or the odds.
  • Make sure to watch the match during this strategy of live betting – its course should tell you if a goal is imminent or if the teams are ready to agree, for example, on a draw and not going to risk in the end. The very term “tilting towards goal” is a very good indicator of the nature of this kind of betting, you have to feel the mood of the teams, see what can make a goal in the last 15 minutes, and not just blindly apply this strategy to everything.
  • Make a list of teams prone to conceding and scoring at the end of matches – it is easy enough to find them yourself or with the help of special statistical sites, which give a breakdown of goals for this or that team by time interval. As a rule, a team’s propensity to score in the final minutes is two-pronged – they can both score and concede. It comes from the characteristics of the style of play, formed over a long enough period and become a habit that can be with the team for a couple of seasons, or even several years. When Alex Ferguson coached Manchester United, the term “Fergie time” was in circulation, meaning that MJ could turn the tide on any poorly-functioning encounter in a matter of minutes at the end of the game, when the Red Devils would turn on their character.
  • Of course, bookmakers take into account such features of famous teams, on which millions bet, but even among the little-known representatives of medium championships you can find teams, prone to activation in the end, or just find those who are in bad physical shape and just “die” at the end of the game.

Strategy for Finding Forks in Live

A popular strategy is to search for “forks” in Live mode, which, unlike the classic search by comparing the lines of bookmaker’s offices does not carry a guaranteed profit, but is nothing more than a strategy related to predicting their appearance in the spread of any match with the reception of live bets.

Two factors are important – choosing the right match and predicting its scenario, which should be based on the most frequent change of the leading team in the score. Often these are meetings of equal opponents, but sometimes in the process of watching you can catch the tendency of frequent changes of the favorite and in a match where the strong team was indicated by an undervalued odds even in the pre-match line.

It is better to search for live bets in dynamic sports such as volleyball, tennis (classic and table), where there are only two possible outcomes, playing both on the overall result and on the winner of the set. As experience shows, in the same volleyball matches of equal teams, odds on the winner of a set can rise above 2.0 several times during a meeting, and even 3.0 for each team several times during a set. With the right strategy, you can take advantage of this feature of volleyball matches if you have correctly evaluated the course of the game and feel the match.

In this strategy, it is very important to choose the right bookmaker’s office, which allows you to play normally in Live mode, offers a good spread on selected sports, offers tools for betting “with one click”, which are very useful when playing live. In addition, your personal skills of quick analysis and decision making are important – in principle, all this is relevant for any betting in live mode, but in the strategy of searching and predicting forks is of paramount importance.

Live betting strategy “against the draw”

This strategy opens work even before the match. You are asked to choose a soccer match of approximately equal opponents and bet on the outcome 12 (will not be a draw). Then you need to wait in “live” mode for the first goal of either team, which will immediately increase the odds for a draw, and calculate the amount to be in the winnings in any case (fork!) Put it and watch the game already without any worries about the result – at your pleasure.

As in any live betting strategy it is very important to choose the right match in which there should be a high probability of a large number of goals, but on the other hand with a long goalless drought the odds of a draw in case it is interrupted by one of the teams will be much higher than in the case of a goal scored at the beginning of the game, so the most critical segment in this case is the last 15 minutes, and the worst score – 0:0.

Conclusions on live betting strategies

In-play betting is a high-stakes activity, so you should try out various strategies or come up with your own with a cool head. If you see that you do not succeed and at a certain moment your bank is empty, it is better to refuse such bets, because the game in “live” mode can be successful not for everyone. To do this, you need to have a certain mindset, to be cool at the moments when the adrenaline is running high, when some crazy events take place on the field, which not everyone can do.

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