15 tips to win at roulette casino

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Discover our list of tips and rules or behaviors to adopt to try to optimize your roulette winnings. While we are primarily focused on the game of roulette, some of these tips may very well apply to other online casino games. 

Casino Roulette Tip#1

Use the methods and techniques reasonably as they are not 100% reliable; if this allows you to maximize your chances of winning (or not losing), be aware that luck remains the main factor of success.

Casino Roulette Tip #2

You have a better chance of winning on a single-zero roulette wheel. That’s why we advise you to play on European or English roulette. According to the roulette odds ratio, you have about 1 chance in 37 to win on a European roulette wheel versus 1 chance in 38 for American roulette.

Casino Roulette Tip #3

Pay attention to the law of series, you have to know how to stop before losing everything. Indeed, maximizing profits in the long term remains complicated. You are never safe from an unfavorable series that will reduce your bankroll and your winnings from a series of won bets.

Casino Roulette Tip #4

The online casino is one of the games of chance with the best payout rate. The payout rate is estimated at 97.22%, which is much higher than other online gambling games such as lotteries and keno.

Casino Roulette Tip #5

Think about varying techniques and your game systems. We offer different roulette techniques to maximize your profits. We think in particular of the Labouchère method, or all the other theories that you will find in this article.

Casino Roulette Tip #6

Sometimes it is better to listen to your intuition and your “feeling”. Instead of continuously betting on the martingale for example, you can also trust your lucky star if you have the intuition that a series can turn against you.

Casino Roulette Tip #7

Play for fun and never try to do it again as this is the biggest trap when playing at an online casino. If you have increased your winnings, remember to stop and be satisfied with that amount. On the contrary, if you lose big, don’t get out of your strategies to try to recover the lost winnings: keep a cool head!

Casino Roulette Tip #8

Remember to set a budget that you will never exceed. Admit that you can lose and never spend money that you might not have. You must absolutely not fall into the addiction that leads to a potential debt.

Casino Roulette Tip #9

Also think of defining a maximum gain to be reached to stop in time. This is the best way to know how to stop a game and be satisfied with your profits. In this way, you can once again avoid an unfavorable series that will make you lose money.

Casino Roulette Tip #10

Manage your bankroll by betting about 5 times the amount you wish to win. For example, if you want to win $100 in profits, you can start betting with $500. Once you have maximized your profits to reach the expected amount, stop.

Casino Roulette Tip #11

Control your emotions, especially when you’re in a bad streak. Losing your temper is a terrible mistake when playing online roulette. So be in control of your feelings by never falling into anger or joy. Keep in mind that roulette is a game for fun.

Casino Roulette Tip #12

Learn the maximum bet amounts to manage your strategies. Knowing the rules of the game and the strategies you want to implement are essential. The difference may be in your knowledge and self-confidence.

Casino Roulette Tip #13

Beware of the martingale which is not always a sign of success. There are several martingale systems that you can learn. However, these roulette techniques are not 100% safe.

Casino Roulette Tip #14

Play with the bonuses offered by the casinos to increase your chances. Under certain conditions, bonuses allow you to start playing with a higher bankroll. For example, if you deposit $100 and you have a 100% bonus, you will be able to play with $200, which means an additional $100 free.

Casino Roulette Tip #15

Never bet double or nothing because the risk is too great. This is a technique often seen in movies or in urban legend. This technique rarely works in roulette as you have a 50% chance of winning and a 50% chance of losing everything. You should not risk losing your entire bankroll.

However, do not forget that there are universal tips for winnings, namely:

  • Don’t rush
  • Do not make hasty and impulsive decisions
  • Enjoy the process of the game

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