Month: January 2021

big roulette render
Discover our list of tips and rules or behaviors to adopt to try to optimize your roulette winnings. While we are primarily focused on the game of roulette, some of these tips may very well apply to other online casino games.  Casino Roulette Tip#1 Use the methods and techniques reasonably as they are not 100% […]
Virtual casino. Online gambling. Laptop with dice and chips.
Nowadays everywhere on internet, the most effective strategies are given, as well as games that are suitable for inexperienced players. There are certain rules, following which a beginner will be able to achieve the desired results faster and increase the efficiency of the game. The following recommendations will increase the chances of a beginner to […]
Black jakc tournament
The history of blackjack begins with a card game called vingt-et-un, French for twenty-one. Its rules were almost identical to today’s, except that players bet after receiving the first card, and it was mostly played by the French and Spaniards. Only in the 30s of last century, this game began to run in American casinos. […]
Watford scored a goal
To become a successful player in sports betting, you need to follow some basic rules that have long been developed by professional players. About them, we will tell in more detail. 1. If you hate to lose your money, you shouldn’t bet on it If your monthly income is 20 thousand rubles, then 5 thousand […]
messi dribling
In contrast to betting in the classical version (according to the preliminary line), live bets are accepted not so long, and a clear set of methods and strategies, tested by time, has not yet had time to form. Today, practically all Live strategies are nothing but the personal experience of those who tried them by […]