8 principles of a successful betting

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To become a successful player in sports betting, you need to follow some basic rules that have long been developed by professional players. About them, we will tell in more detail.

1. If you hate to lose your money, you shouldn’t bet on it

If your monthly income is 20 thousand rubles, then 5 thousand rubles would be too much for entertaining. Find an amount that you don’t regret losing and which will not affect your budget.

2. Decide what you’re playing for

If you are playing for fun, it is okay to relax in front of the TV with a beer and bet on your favorite team once in a while. But if your goal is the systematic accumulation of capital, then the approach to the game must be completely different.

3. Learn to accept defeats calmly

Even if you’ve reached a high level of professionalism, defeats are inevitable. At some point you will hit a black bar, which can easily “eat up” 20-30% of your bankroll. At such times, you must not give in to emotions, but to think soberly. Behind the black bar there will definitely be a light one, where you will be able not only to recover the lost money, but also to exaggerate it.

4. Don’t get even

Again, back to emotions. Many players, even after a minor loss, can’t find their place and try to get even sooner. This is one of the main reasons for losses in BC. In such a state it is impossible to adequately assess the strength of the teams and make a correct pre-match prediction. We advise in such situations to postpone your bets until you fully recover from the defeat.

5. Concentrate your efforts on one tournament

Ideally, it is better to know the form of the teams and players of one tournament than to know a little about dozens of leagues. Study one league well and only bet within it. Even if it takes months and you only bet on weekends, you’ll know the ins and outs of what’s likely to happen in the game.

6. Don’t Bet on Popular Events

Bookmakers will give lower odds on games which are widely covered by the press and television. Players will bet crazy money on them anyway, so it makes no sense for the bookies to put up overly generous odds.

7. Check out new gambling strategies

  • The situation in betting is constantly changing. If some strategies can make money now, it doesn’t mean they will in a few years.
  • Bookmakers are constantly looking for “holes” in their lines and fixing them. 
  • That’s why you should always experiment with different new strategies. 
  • Set up a separate account for a minimum amount in any of the offices or just bet “on paper” and you can test strategies without losing real money.

8. Don’t bet in express bets

How many bettors have already got burned on express bets, and yet most of them keep on winning wagons of them every day. Sure, it’s much more enjoyable to win with odds of 15 than with odds of 1.8, but it’s a passing pleasure. It’s impossible to win on the long run by betting on expresses. If the standard margin of the shops is between 2-10%, you can increase it up to 40% by making express bets. Think about it, is it possible to win at a bookmaker in such circumstances?

Betting on sports can bring both the satisfaction of their victories and the bitterness of defeat. You have to believe in yourself, but you have to back up that belief with real action. Constantly improve yourself, use different strategies of the game, communicate with other players, read articles on the subject. Remember that success in sports betting, like in any other business, can not come at once, you need to get up from the couch and start to act!

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