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Discover our list of tips and rules or behaviors to adopt to try to optimize your roulette winnings. While we are primarily focused on the game of roulette, some of these tips may very well apply to other online casino games.  Casino Roulette Tip#1 Use the methods and techniques reasonably as they are not 100% […]
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Based on player behavior, we distinguish styles of play – tighter, aggressive, looser, etc. Both beginners and experienced poker players can play tighter, and in this review we will consider the peculiarities of this popular style. Tight poker style is a cautious player’s behavior on the preflop, characterized by careful card selection and entering the […]
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In today’s article we will talk about the most important components of every successful poker player. The components, the lack of which in most cases means sub-optimal play and, consequently, loss of EV. Working tirelessly on yourself and following these rules makes a difference in the outcome of your game in the long run. 1. […]