AWP (Amusement with Prizes) is a new kind of slot machine

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AWP (Amusement with Prizes) machines come from the UK, wherewith the development of electronics they have replaced the ‘classic’ British fruit machines. To recap, fruit machines (usually three reels, one line) give players random extra control over the game, usually two “features”:

  • nudge one of the reels (nudge), which moves the reel one symbol down. There are options where you can choose not to use the existing nudge, but save it for the next round, get a second nudge in the next round, or take a risk and increase/decrease the number of nudges.
  • hold any number of reels (hold) – in the next spin will rotate only those reels which are not held.

AWP slot machines add another feature – a prize game

The base is usually the same single line slot machine with randomly given opportunities to nudge and hold the reels. But on top of some of the symbols on the reels is either some number (1 to 5) or some symbol – all of which are small so as not to cover the main symbol. 

These symbols are designed to initiate the bonus game. 

  • If they are numbers, it is necessary that the line accumulated a total of at least 7-8 points, if the characters – three symbols in sight (that is, not necessarily on the line, and on any of the nine characters that are visible on the screen). 
  • After that, the bonus game starts, and there are different options here as well.
  • One option – the game Hi / Low, where the player is given a number (sometimes – a few) from 1 to 12 and the player must guess, whether the next number rolled will be higher (Hi) or lower (Low). 
    • If you guess, you move up one step in the prize table, if not, the bonus game is over. You can stop at any time, having collected the bonus. 
    • It is clear that the higher, the steeper the bonus. In some cases, the player can choose the type of bonus (money, nudges, some kind of bonus “chip”). In another variation of the bonus game, the player is shown a playing field with some squares, each with a different type of game.
  • You press the “Spin” button, a number comes up, and you move away from the starting field to the number of squares. 
  • There you get a “pick”, different winning options begin to blink on the field and you have to choose your winnings by pressing the “Stop” button. 
  • If you are satisfied with your winnings you can take them by pressing the “Collect” button, otherwise you can continue by pressing the “Spin” button. 
  • As a winning you can get – money, free spins, some bonus “feature” In this kind of game you can also lose, if you get to the “mysterious” sector, marked with a question mark, there among the choices the most probable result is a loss.

Bonus game

In AWP and bonus games, and less frequently in the main game, you can win one of the bonus “features”, among them such as:

  • Shifta (Spin a Win) – gives a random winning combination in the slot,
  • Boost – adds points,
  • Stoppa fruit (Cash Blaster, Reel Roulette, Pick a Win) – in the slot starts blinking winning combinations, you stop blinking and the selected combination falls out,
  • Win Series – starts a series of winning combinations,
  • Exclusive Game Bonus – usually called the same as the game, and gives the maximum winnings.

In general I highly recommend reading the rules and description of the bonuses, even after an hour of playing different AWPs I get a bit confused about all these bonus features.

Another kind of AWP machine has a different working principle. The main game is the same classic slot, but if you collect three of the same symbols on the line, you won’t get a cash win, but you’ll get the appropriate number of bonus spins. And those spins won’t be in the main slot, but in the bonus slot. The Bonus slot usually has its own symbols, its paytable and five paylines. Unlike the classic slot, where winnings are very rare, the Bonus slot gives you winnings on almost every spin.

Who produces AWP slot machines?

Currently, Microgaming is leading the way with AWP slot machines, and several games are featured in Cryptolojka Casino. 


And finally, a bit of personal opinion. We don’t know what payout percentage is set at Microgaming’s AWP machines, but we doubt it’s high. In one of the games we couldn’t win anything at all for 50 spins (although it was our first experience and we didn’t take full advantage of the game). In our opinion, AWPs with bonus games are quite interesting if those games don’t fall out very infrequently. Unfortunately, in many games it’s not easy to wait for the bonus game, the wins in the main slot fall out very infrequently. Overall, it’s a game with rather infrequent winnings, and what’s worse, hopes of big winnings are minimal. Also, as far as I’m concerned, AWP games don’t have to be random. Ourself convinced of this in one of the Hi/Low games, we only won there a couple of times, while the starting number was not 6-8 but 3, 4, 11. Nevertheless, for the purpose of familiarisation we recommend trying to play. We have a good impression left the game Apocalypses Cow (try the game), there often give bonus rounds, the results are decent payouts. Search and maybe you will find a cute AWP slot machine.

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